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Digital Media House

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone
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Robotics solutions within your grasp. Ever wondered about furthering your company’s automatisation? You just found right people in the right place.

Information Security

Protecting your servers can be vicious task but it is more than necessary in order to survive in unpredictable infrastructure of today’s inforsphere.

Safe Access

Safe Access to your data. Never loose anything. Always have safe backup of your files. With us, you can automate this process and save private copy in the cloud.

Global Reach

Looking for custom High Tech solutions? VR, AR, AI, IoT, Big Data, Drones, Robotics, AMOLED Flexible Screens, Smart Wearables, Penetration Testing? We may arrange it!*

We create full-spectrum technology experiences. If you want to dive-in the future, Contact us.


We are an International company with one of our headquarters based in Toronto. Place that is a part of the world’s largest megacities list.


Living in London city? A Headquarter of European start-up scene? Need advanced advertising solutions? Yeah, we do this internationally.

New York

New Yorker? In need for a full spectrum advertising? Contact us, and tell us more of what you need.


Are you Chinese looking for custom UI/UX for your products? Need to sell a few things on the web? Contact us!


Second of our headquarters is based in Katowice, an energetic and inspiring city based in Silesia, Poland. Region known for energy production that is powering up big part of Eastern Europe. This post-industrial region is rich with great technologies due to a large number of local universities and technical colleges.

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